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 Cowboy Room

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The Tropical Room

This room is a tropical escape, with bamboo accents
covering the ceiling; you feel you are miles away.
Inspired by their travels to Beliz, the room features
bamboo trimmed countertops, with antique boxes
for cabinets covered in painted bamboo transferred
from a bamboo rug. A delightful room surrounding
you in birds, bamboo and butterflies.

All rooms include Dish TV, Free Wi-Fi, a kitchenette, tiled bathrooms, patio
chairs to enjoy the evening by the pond and a clear sky for stargazing. All
residents are welcome to take advantage of the private river access for
swimming, fishing, paddleboats and putting in personal kayaks.

Shade Tree Lodge - 20145 Playland Park Rd - Christoval TX 76935 - 325.234.8797 -