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 Cowboy Room

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About Us

In 2013 this motel, which used to be part of Playland
Park, was in the process of being condemned. Rita
and George knew itís potential to be a cherished
part of Christoval againÖ and jumped at the chance
to purchase this piece of history. Their visionÖbring
back the joy of the river bank, soak in the star-lit
nights, drink coffee on the porch in the morning and
maybe finish a bottle of wine in the evening while
the moon reflects on the pond.

This couple canít sit still; their passion is working together, taking the old and making it new & enjoyable for years to come. Rita has the ideas and George with
his background in construction can make it happen.

ďLife is color, itís all around you, itís blue, itís green, itís the gray in the rocks, the many colors of the sun. This place reflects my personality; from Hotel Paris to the Tropical Room to the Cowboy RoomÖitís me.Ē -Rita

Rita and George at Shade Tree Lodge
in Christoval TX

Shade Tree Lodge - 20145 Playland Park Rd - Christoval TX 76935 - 325.234.8797 -